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Derelict 2 by Peter Elson, Science Fiction Illustrator
Peter Elson - Science Fiction Illustrator

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Derelict 2

Original size: 758 x 267mm

Additional information: Also reproduced in "Parallel Lines" (page 10) and "Space Ways" (page 26 - 27). Prints only

Tags: desert, sand, ruins, spaceship, astronauts

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Happy Buyer 19th of December 2013
I'm so pleased I bought this print, its beautiful and had an extra speedy delivery that was bought last minute and arrived by Christmas. So happy to own such a wonderful art work. Excellent customer service, I'd fully recommend to anyone. Thank you

Rob 6th of October 2011
This would have to be 'the' picture I remember when PE springs to mind. When I first saw this picture in the TTA book 'Spacewreck' it completely blew me away and my imagination ran riot. I was about 10 years old at the time (now quite older) and all I wanted to do when I saw this was to explore space and find relics like this. What an artist!

Stephen Sekulic 22nd of February 2011
I wanted to say thank you for so many years of inspiration . I read the TTA Books as a child and this particular image always haunted me and inspired me as an artist. I have done industrial model building for years and I always come back to your works to get my mind racing again with that little kid ( now big kid ) imagination running wild with wonder. Thanks for sharing you talent & wonders of your mind. S.

Simon JOnes 11th of January 2010
I believe

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