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War Of The Worlds by Peter Elson, Science Fiction Illustrator
Peter Elson - Science Fiction Illustrator

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War Of The Worlds

Cover for book by: H.G. Wells
Original size: 542 x 376mm

Additional information: Original sold. Prints available

Tags: invasion, spaceship, robot, forest

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Peter Fussey 20th of August 2010
This poster hung on my bedroom wall for several years until it started to fall apart, I still have the poster, though now it is kept safe in a plastic folder. A great picture based on Michael Trim's design for Jeff Wayne's musical version of 'The War of the Worlds'. In my opinion, this picture should have been added to Jeff's album when it was re-released on CD back in the 1990s. Great painting by a great artist.

David 16th of February 2010
Had this picture on my wall as a young teenager. Always loved the look of the machines and the picture as a whole, never knew who had done it until now some 25 years later.

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