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Nova 4 by Peter Elson, Science Fiction Illustrator
Peter Elson - Science Fiction Illustrator

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Nova 4

Cover for book by: Harry Harrison

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Tags: craft, city, cityscape

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Shawn B. 25th of May 2015
This is one of the images that inspired me to become an artist. I had this image in a book as a child, and I used to try and figure the height of the tower in the foreground based on the people in the landing deck. I then compared the foreground tower to the tower in the background to estimate the height. I spent hours with a ruler and a calculator* estimating how hight the tower was. BTW, The tower in the foreground is approximately 2,100 feet to the top, and the one in the background is around 10,500 feet ! ( *back in the days when calculators took several seconds to compute something ! ) I would love to find out what year the painting was created, and the size of the original. Peter put so much detail into this one. I'm sorry he passed away. Thank you for posting this site with his work.

Tuffy Ruffnut 19th of September 2010
I feel as though I could fall into this painting. Whenever I see an insect approaching a flower, this painting is called to my mind, Mr. Elson's work is definitely memorable. I love it.

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