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Welcome To Mars

Date commissioned: 1985
Cover for book by: James Blish
Original size: 145 x 175mm

Additional information: Also reproduced in "Great Space Battles" (page 45) and "Parallel Lines" (page 46). Prints only available

Tags: mars, planet, space, spaceship, stars

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Lucy Walsh 21st of June 2011
I recently found a book my father bought for me when I was 7,The Conquest of Space bought from Marks & Spencer, Im now 36! I kept this book because I was faciniated with space and enthralled by the art in the book. I would often lay in my bed looking through this book in amazement. This painting was one of those I used to spend ages looking at! It has nostalgic happy memories! I too now paint astronomical paintings and subconsciously I think this painting may have been one of the reasons I do. So I'd like to thank you!!! Lucy Walsh.

Ken 9th of January 2010
Once again Elson packs in the detail in a way that no other could do. Beautiful.

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