Peter Elson - Science Fiction Illustrator

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Trader To The Stars

Cover for book by: Poul Anderson
Original size: 380 x 542mm

Additional information: Also reproduced in "Star Liners" (page 23) and "Parallel Lines" (page 20).

Tags: space, spaceship, stars

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Mark Stafford 11th of July 2011
Peter's artwork influenced me greatly as a kid, I started to draw trying to emulate the pictures in the TTA books, and he was always my favourite. Eventually I became a Designer and I now work as a toy designer for LEGO where I get to design and build spaceships! As part of my portfolio to get the job I built a LEGO version of this ship, if you're interested it's online at: hopefully I'm not breaking any copyright claims, it is an homage to my favourite artist.

Simon Jones 11th of January 2010
One of my all time favourite illustrations along with

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