Peter Elson - Science Fiction Illustrator

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The Power Of Blackness

Cover for book by: Jack Williamson
Original size: 386 x 548mm

Additional information: Also reproduced in "Great Space Battles" (page 18/19) and "Parallel Lines" (page 58). Original sold Prints available

Tags: space, black hole, planet, spaceship

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Jimm 30th of August 2011
I came across PE, like many others, via the Stuart Cowley TTA books. I would spend hours as a kid pouring over them and this was probably my favourite. The photolike realism of Elson's work put him (for me) a step above all the other artists, and this is a fabulous example. RIP PE.

Ken 10th of February 2010
As a kid, I couldn't figure out how this seemed to look so realistic, when only the spaceship had very much detail. On a large format reprint the effect was quite startling (e.g. Great Space Battles). Seeing it now I think that the bokeh style has a lot to do with the apparent realism.

vincent formosa 12th of November 2009
probably one of the strongest sci-fi images I remember from my childhood

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