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The Outposter

Cover for book by: Gordon R. Dickson
Original size: 369 x 530mm

Additional information: Also reproduced in "Great Space Battles" (page 35) and "Parallel Lines" (page 34). Original sold Prints available

Tags: plane, sky, clouds, spaceship

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Sean Deany 11th of September 2015
Still one of my favorites. In late 1979 my primary school library had a coffee table book on sci-fi illustrations containing some of PE's work. Just wish that you could put dates to all these illustrations if its possible. I'm sure most are pre-Star Wars (c 1977). This indicating that Lucas was probably inspired by Peter's work.

Graham 8th of June 2015
The first time I saw this image was in Spacebase 2000 which my Mother and Father bought me as a child (cira 1980/81-ish). Thus started a life long love of Sci-Fi art with Peter Elson's work, this image in particular, at the heart of it all.

jsin 21st of January 2014
Back in the early 80s, I saw this and many more Elson paintings in a big sci-fi coffee table book and was absolutely amazed and transported into a fantasy world. These days, there are many 3D computer hobbyists copying Elson's style and their efforts are, imo, even sharper and more realistic than the original paintings...but, thankfully, the 3D artists give credit where it's due, or I wouldn't have found this wonderful website.

Petar Belic 15th of September 2010
One of the my first exposures to [PE]. And what an initiation! Such a bold use of colour, such a sense of depth, with the simple in retrospect trick of putting you as the viewer, on the ground, looking up into the sky. Amazing modeling, composition and use of colour. Thanks always, Peter.

Sean D. 1st of June 2010
I first saw this illustration in about 1980 and it was a great inspiration to my own illustrations made back in the early 80s as a 12 - 15 year old. I would love to wake up one morning look up at a bright blue sky and see something as impresive as this fly over my little neck of the woods!

Marc 7th of April 2010
I am glad that this site was finally created. It is sad that it is so long after he passed. His vision was inspiring. Breathtaking. He put so much into his work. I am saddened that I will never be able to meet this artist that brought so much joy to my childhood. The TTA books were my favorite treasure as an adolescent. Each page where one of his creations appeared was particularly revered.

n i c o 12th of March 2010
This image is familiar to me for years, as it has been featured in a SF book i still own from my childhood. I think it may be one of my favorite from Peter Elson, and it portrays perfectly the kind of starship design i would like to watch in a SF movie. It would be more interesting compared to the white or grey starships we are used to watch in movies like Star Wars.

Ken 9th of January 2010
Amazing photorealism from Elson.

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