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Spaceship Graveyard

Original size: 540 x 379mm

Additional information: Prints only Also reproduced in "Space Wrecks" P. 82/83

Tags: spaceship, orbit

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From a Fan 22nd of January 2016
This is one of my favorites of Peter\'s works. In the Stewart Cowley book you can read the shuttle name, I think it was the Colombia. There are just so many ships here. Notice the Discovery from 2001 visible in front of the grey ship in the middle left. There are several transparent ships similar to the one in the foreground. Then there\'s that massive ship in the upper right with obvious damage. One has to wonder how this fleet has not turned itself into an orbiting debris field. Wonderful work. I wonder if it was ever a book cover as I\'d love to read the book this picture depicts.

Steve Begg 10th of May 2010
Petes art has always amazed me with its almost photographic quality and cool designs. Has he ever worked on any film TV projects?. His art has a natural film concept design...

Simon Jones 11th of January 2010
Another fantasticly detailed Elson picture - i believe you can even read the name of the spaceshuttle. I really love the detail here - the weird ships from the small red thing on the left to the decalled flying saucer to the see through shape. Cowley's book

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