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Babel 17

Cover for book by: Samuel R. Delany
Original size: 324 x 513mm

Additional information: Also reproduced in Parallel lines page 27, and Great Space Battles page 36/37.

Tags: spaceship, battle, fight, space

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Ken 10th of February 2010
I prefer the version that appears in Great Space Battles, without the off-putting rainbow background, but the 'stellar cow' is such a cool concept. I wonder how much dialogue occurred between Peter and the client before the design was agreed upon, because the idea is fairly risky, and could have come off as comical. Fortunately in the hands of Elson, it works to a T.

Robert Smith 26th of January 2010
This is one of the images that inspired me to become a concept artist, I think I first saw it at about the age of ten.

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