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Prime Number by Peter Elson, Science Fiction Illustrator
Peter Elson - Science Fiction Illustrator

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Prime Number

Original size: 380 x 547mm

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Mutos 21st of February 2016
Also appeared in one of the TTA books.

Red Electro 30th of September 2014
I too used to stare at this image and wonder what exactly was going on! Is the jetpacker escaping the horrors below, or some kind of killing machine sent in to sort it out? Love the way the pistol shares it's power source with the jetpack! It's an amazing painting and still looks contemporary today!

Baby Woojums 29th of July 2013
This image was reused in the short story about space pirates in

Matt S 5th of February 2013
This is truly an amazing picture. I often wondered as a kid about this picture who was this and why was he firing his weapons. I even thought that it seems eminent that a jet pack failure was in his future unbeknownst to him and what would I do if I was him.

Simon Jones 6th of February 2010
Also used as the album cover to Part Chimp's Thriller on the Rock Action Records label

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