Peter Elson - Science Fiction Illustrator

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Ian 5th of October 2017
I remember the first time I saw some of Peter Elson’s work (alongside many others) in beautiful hardback books. I think the various artists works were collectively know as ‘The Young Artists’ and helped illustrate the collection of short stories about space. I always, always remember Peters work above his peers, as it just seemed so grounded/feasible despite the futuristic subject matter - simply stunning. I still have 2 of these books which feature some of Peters work. Both are dog eared but much loved - Great Space Battles and Spacewreck ghostships and derlicts of space. Thanks for your beautiful work Peter.
Re: A Sense of Wonder

Ed 4th of October 2017
This is the greatest piece of art ever. Wow. Need to be a print.
Re: Swords In The Mist

Igor Fedorov 12th of March 2017
Great works! Peter, thank you very much, wherever you are! It would be nice if we can wiev galleries by years, with comlete description of images.

Ian 26th of January 2017
I first came upon the art of Peter Elson when I was a boy in the 1970s, in books like

made 6th of October 2016